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I'm a wife, mom, and gestational surrogate. I've been blessed to be able to have 2 beautiful daughters of my own and 2 cute little surro babes for IPs. With the support of my WONDERFUL family and friends, I'm doing it again!! Follow me on my journey...

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unexpected....gender reveal

Today I ate a Snickers...okay that's not what this post is about, but damn that candy bar was goooooddd....

Okay, seriously.

Yesterday I had an OB appointment and my IM took a red eye flight from Seattle to Dallas just to be there! (Left at 1:30am, arrived in Dallas at 5 something and then left the same afternoon!) Now that's dedication!
Anywho, this was just supposed to be one of those "boring" appointments where the Dr checks the baby's heart rate with a doppler and asks me how I'm feeling, BUT when he saw my IM he decided to be super sweet and do an ultrasound, YAY!!
It was the most awesome appointment! IM got to see how much "Snow" has grown and actually looks like a tiny human instead of a blob on the screen ☺ She attempted to record the u/s for her hubby, but she was too busy crying (happy tears!) and shaking! It was so cute.

*Side note* Snow is measuring a few days (3) ahead, so growth is on track, yay!

Then, guess what?! The Dr said "do you want to know the gender?" IM immediately was like "YES!" Lol...(so much for waiting to be surprised!)

Without further adieu, I present to you "Snow"
You see that? BOY! I knew it! I should start my own psychic services company...but only for gender predictions...I'm not that good yet.

So now my IPs have to come up with some boy name choices because IM was convinced they would have a girl and only had female names picked out lol.

The IPs and their family are over the moon and I'm just as happy for them. Now....if only I could be 100% nausea free...that would be great. Bleh.


Monday, February 22, 2016

12 weeks

I know, I'm a slacker. Whatever.

You try blogging while puking 24/7 and feeling like you could fall asleep anywhere, at anytime!

Well, that was my update. TTYL!

Kidding...I'm now 12 weeks along and besides feeling like crud most days, the pregnancy is moving along perfectly fine. I was FINALLY weaned from all of the meds from CCRM, thank the LORT! I'm almost certain that my hiney couldn't have taken one more injection; although, I must say that my 13 y/o daughter was the most awesome shot giver ever! ☺ She took over the task one day that Kevin wasn't available and was my go-to person ever since. It's a family affair!

Last week we had our 1st OB appointment and got to see the little bean's growth. She/He was measuring right on track and was moving all around during the ultrasound. I will never get tired of seeing that! ☺

Our next appointment is on March 8th and I believe I'll have some blood work done to rule out any chromosomal abnormalities. The results will also tell us the gender of the baby! (If the parents choose to find out) I kinda hope they don't, I think it's exciting to be in suspense ☺

I'll leave you with some progress photos of my already growing belly. What can I say, my uterus is an overachiever. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Let it Snow!

We had our 1st ultrasound on the 12th and I'm happy to announce that there's one healthy little baby growing! ♥ ☺ The IPs and I lovingly call the little embie "Snow". (It was snowing when I got knocked up, lol) Little Snow is measuring right on track and the heart rate was 120, well within the "acceptable range".
Isn't (s)he the cutest? :)
Sadly, the parents weren't able to come to the appointment due to work commitments, but I recorded the whole thing and sent it to them, literally, 3 minutes after I left the Dr's office. Don't you just love technology? My IM was so pleased to be able to "virtually" be there and I'm glad I could at least give my IPs that much. I know it must be even harder on them since they are so far away :(
Good news though...they will be able to come for our 2nd u/s on the 25th, yay!!!! It's gonna be a good day! That's also my youngest daughter's 10th b-day ☺

As for me, if you know my history, then you know that I get pretty damn sick during the 1st trimester and it usually starts at exactly 6 weeks along. This time, for whatever reason, I haven't been *as* sick. I've been nauseous all day, everyday, but (unlike past pregnancies) I haven't had to puke 20 times a day. In the interest of full disclosure, I did puke for the 1st time this morning (7w3d), but only once, so yay?? Small victories.

Anywho, hopefully the ickiness goes away or at least allows me to function throughout the day.

I'll update after our u/s next week!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happiest of New Years!

Beta(s) have been done and confirmed that my IPs will officially become "mommy & daddy" in September! :)

1st beta @ 10dp5dt - 237
2nd beta @ 12dp5dt - 631

Our 1st ultrasound will be on January 12th. 🙂


One small issue (it can't all just be sunshine & rainbows can it?):

My thyroid level came back "slightly elevated"...there we go with that terminology again 😒. CCRM wanted it below 2.5 and it was 3.1, so now I have to take a daily thyroid medication. Joy. 
The good thing is that the medication is safe during pregnancy and there aren't any real side effects and hopefullly I won't need them after the baby is born. I need to get my ass in gear. this what happens after you turn 30?? 1st my vitamin D, then my liver enzymes, now my damn thyroid...shit. 

Anywho, everything else is going well and I don't have any "morning" aka all day sickness, as of yet. I'll enjoy it while I can. 


- Krystal 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Santa, BABY...

Well it's been 9 days since our transfer and the beta should have been today, but since it's a holiday, we have to wait until tomorrow the 26th...
But because my IM and I are "crazy pee stick ladies"....I have some pics for you to analyze...

These are 3 days past our transfer (5 day embie) (aka 3dp5dt)

Now, if you're a professional pee stick reader like myself, you *may* see a 2nd line :D

"Do you see what I see?"

I told you we were crazy pee stick ladies...

Getting darker....

"Merry Christmas, baby!"

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Transfer day!!

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had our transfer on December 16th! Kevin wasn't able to go with me this time, so my BFF, Elice, accompanied me as my companion :). Although I was restricted to bed rest for the majority of our time in Colorado, it was still fun and I'm glad she was able to be a part of the experience with me. (It was her 1st plane ride!!)

Our flight was delayed about an hour due to the snow in Colorado, but thankfully it wasn't cancelled! Our Uber driver damn near killed us on the way to the hotel, but we won't speak of that :\

Anywho...the transfer went wonderfully! We all wore our "good luck green". (I suck though and didnt get a pic of all 3 of us together :( ) 
I promise Elice has on green underneath all of her "cold weather gear". Smh. 

I had acupuncture before & afterward. Oh but the know they want your bladder full for the transfer, right? I had to lie there for an hour after the transfer and OMG...I had to pee soooooo bad!! (Of course I refused to use a bed pan) That just wasn't gonna happen....I probably should have though, I almost exploded. Like for real. (I might have peed a little on the absorbent pad, just sayin) 
This was before I almost peed on the floor...

After I was released from the confines of my inverted transfer bed and damn near knocked over a nurse, while running to the closest thing that looked like a bathroom, we (me, IM, & Elice) went to McDonald's for some fries. (Superstition) Not sure how greasy fries are supposed to help you get knocked up, but I won't question it. (After all, the transfer worked last time I ate fries!) 
Then we "ubered" back to our hotel (minus a near death experience this time) and I stayed put for the next day and a half. 
I started getting stir crazy after the first 12 hours and I'm sure I drove Elice batty, but she was a trooper and didn't choke me. <3 

IM and I received beautiful tulips from her friend, too. (I couldn't get a good pic from my "bed rest position" so Elice held them up for me lol)
My IM was (is) super sweet and went to the store to get us some fruit (pineapple!) and snacks and she made sure I was as comfortable as possible before she had to leave (she left the day before us). 
And, since she had to leave...guess who had to give me my PIO shot? That's right, Elice! She practiced about 357 times on an orange before she felt okay to give me my shot lol. I can't bring myself to do my own shots so I have to rely on others...if Elice wasn't going to be able to do it, I was gonna have to ask someone in housekeeping :\ (totally kidding...maybe) Anywho, she did a great job, didn't even feel it! (Thank goodness!) 

Before we left, we got the chance to take some beautiful pics of the mountains and snow. And of course a selfie. Yay!

And so the TWW (two week wait) be continued :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Oh, by the way...

Our transfer is scheduled for December 16th! :-)
I followed up with my OB after the whole "elevated liver enzymes" scary stuff that CCRM got me all worked up about. My OB wasn't the slightest bit worried and wrote a very nice clearance letter for me. Thank God!! I worried for nothing!

After that, my IPs and I were in a race against the clock to get our contracts done because CCRM has a "holiday shutdown", which limits the availability they have for transfers. We literally got contracts done at the last possible minute!! Whew! So, CCRM sent us our calendar on Nov. 16th and we've been on the fast track ever since. I started Lupron on the 18th and then began estrace and vivelle patches on the 27th. Thankfully I've had no side effects, as I have before. (Knock on wood!) It almost seems too good to be true! The only thing I don't really like are the vivelle patches and it's only because the damn sticky crap stays on my skin and it also starts peeling and sticking to my clothes! 
My "creepy" (according to Kailey), starting Lupron pic
Super sweet IPs sent me yummy gifts (better than the meds that came at the same time) ;)
Mmmm! Chocolate biscotti 

I'll have my 1st lining check and labs on Dec. 3rd, so I'll check back in after that. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will continue to go smoothly!